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Projects – 1 in Four

The Need

Domestic violence (DV) can isolate victims and many survivors face difficulties accessing the services they need. 1 in Four: A domestic violence project recognizes this gap and strives to improve access to information and to connect those affected by domestic violence. Founded by three women survivors of domestic violence, the two-year old grassroots organization already has an online resource hub, which houses information on social services for women. However, there were challenges in keeping abreast of new information on services and programs in the city.

The Process

1 in Four approached Information Hamilton to embed The Red Book of Hamilton directory to its own website. As part of the process, Information Hamilton worked with 1 in Four to identify categories and topics that would be useful support services for those affected by domestic violence. Key areas identifies are: Women’s Shelters/Crisis Support, Medical and Mental Health, Counselling for Women, Counselling/Programs for Children & Youth, Men’s Shelters/Crisis Support, Police, Legal, Local Support Networks, Making Ends Meet.

The Outcome

A new plug-in was developed in-house and embedded into the 1 in Four website. Clicking on the key areas will generate a comprehensive list of services that the user could access. The information listed is constantly updated and is powered by The Red Book of Hamilton, reducing the need for 1 in Four to seek out and update each piece of information. This partnership highlights our ability to provide organizations with our current and continually updated information.